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摘要:本文转载自 IMPstudio由Solas Galway Picture Palace Teoranta公司开发,戈尔韦市议会、艺术与文化遗产部门、爱尔兰电影委员会等多个部门资助的艺术电影院耸立在爱尔兰西部城市戈尔韦中一座乔治亚时期商人的住...

本文转载自 IMPstudio

由Solas Galway Picture Palace Teoranta公司开发,戈尔韦市议会、艺术与文化遗产部门、爱尔兰电影委员会等多个部门资助的艺术电影院耸立在爱尔兰西部城市戈尔韦中一座乔治亚时期商人的住宅庭院之中。建筑前侧重建的三层小楼立面完美重现了建筑的原貌,抛光混凝土构造而成的单侧山墙建筑如同一座门房般,把守着后侧四坡屋顶之下的放映空间。

Developed by Solas Galway Picture Palace Teoranta, with the financial assistance of Galway City Council, Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Bord Scannan na hEireann / The Irish Film Board, the Arts Council and the Western Development Commission, the arthouse cinema is built on the plot of a Georgian merchants house and garden in Galway, in the west of Ireland. The three storey front facade of the house is remade in facsimile, resulting in a new mono pitch gable in polished concrete, a gatehouse to the stack of public rooms under a slate pyramid roof behind.

▽ 建筑外观,External view

▽ 城市与建筑,building and the city


The structure of the building is a concrete monolith cast on perimeter secant pile wall of alternating hard and soft piles installed at 450mm centres. The concrete for the piles was 40N strength 70% GGBS with the remainder of the concrete at 50% cast in a metal pan system (with relief items set in), lined with shuttering plywood and cast where possible in double height pours, shotblasted and polished in sections.The structural scheme is a hybrid, consisting of two main transfer slabs at ground and first floor levels allowing the structure to shift, cantilevered off the front and rear walls of the cinemas. The remainder of the walls contribute to resolve the loadings with no depropping possible until the entire structure was completed.

▽ 建筑外观,External View

建筑的窗户尺寸适中,木色的窗框粗而明显,微微前置与墙面内侧50毫米。在窗户下沿,6mm厚的镀锌钢板以45度角向外延伸,如同门槛,以同样手法处理的隔栅与门框让建筑立面更显生动。由Patrick Scott设计的玻璃窗户被渲染上红、绿或琥珀般的橙色,点缀在前后楼梯以及酒吧空间处,成为了建筑标志性的展示面。阳光透过这些以树脂染色的双层玻璃单元,将鲜亮的色彩映照在内部空间之中,而在夜晚,灯光亮起,建筑也如同城市中的一盏绚烂灯笼。

The windows are academy ratio proportioned casements, heavily framed and set 50 mm proud of the inner face of the in-situ concrete wall. A 6mm galvanised steel plate projects at 45 degrees as cill, and grilles and gates are treated similarly to animate the facade. Some windows become vitrines for either signage or display and all of the glass is to designs by Patrick Scott, in suites of red, green and amber, arranged to punctuate the front and back staircases and the bar. Painted in resin and sealed as a double glazed unit, they colour the space of the rooms and transform the building into a lantern in the city by night.

▽ 极富特色的窗户与窗檐,The heavily framed windows with galvanised steel plate as cill


The program is layered and serviced between the public rooms and the curtain wall, making a sequence of urban staircases leading from the reinstated archway to an outside foyer and ticket kiosk. The circulation through the building remains untempered, in contrast to the lined rooms within. Both tearoom and bar are daylit and naturally ventilated, the first floor bar by solar stack, a triangular full height void behind the south facade.

▽ 建筑入口,Entrance / 两座体量交接处的光井,The void between the two volumes


Each room is dressed for atmosphere and the linings expressed as overlay to the concrete shell, the tearoom in glass, the bar in hardwood and the cinemas in red fabric over acoustic insulation on foil backed plasterboard on thermal insulation on the in-situ concrete structure. In the top room, where the fabric is hung in the round, the screen curtain is integrated with the lining and withdraws over the entrance staircase. In the middle room, the interior is draped in layers, and in the bottom room, the fabric slung like an awning over the space. The upper cinema has a shallow stage in the depth of the proscenium, which can be opened to daylight for interviews, lectures and other performance.

▽ 建筑内部空间,Interior spaces

▽ 总平面图,Master Plan

▽ 一层,1F

▽ 地下层,-1F / 二层,2F

▽ 三层,3F / 四层,4F

▽ 建筑立面展开图,The unfolding facade drawing

▽ 剖面,Section


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